Florida Dubstep Artist Highlight: Sounduo

Recently we had the great fortune to get an interview with the exciting live dubstep collaboration from the city of bass, Sounduo. After reading the interview below check out their live act at the bottom of this posts.


Sounduo Interview

Who is Sounduo? Please tell are readers more about yourselves.

Sounduo is a musical collaboration between Miami-based producers and musicians Will Mills and Zach Morillo. It is a blend of bass heavy musical genres, sample-based electronic hip-hop, dubstep and traditional dub stylings. Our performance features Zach playing live drumset and Will controlling Ableton Live with a digital-dub controller rig.  Zach has been serious about playing drums since the age of seven.  Before and during his time attending the Frost School of Music, Zach has played in played in all kinds of musical scenarios, including big bands, salsa ensembles, fusion, reggae, and rock.  His music production career began in high school, where he was first introduced to electronic music production software.  Ever since then, Zach has been creating and experimenting with dub, hip hop, and bass music. Will is a seasoned musician and trained engineer, and has been writing and performing professionally in a variety of genres for over 7 years . He was inspired to seriously pursue electronic music after working as an assistant engineer to Thievery Corporation in their ESL Studios in Washington D.C.


When did you form your group? What inspired you to make music together?

Sounduo officially began July ‘10. We’ve been collaborating and producing in various bands since we met attending the jazz program at UM in ‘05. We were listening to and playing a lot of reggae and dub music, as well as producing electronic beats. Once exposed to the heavy bass movement in South Florida including local djs, and international stages like Ultra Music Festival, we were inspired to form an official collaboration.


What’s the best part of performing live? Which show that you’ve played has been your favorite so far?

The best part of performing is having the crowd react and respond to the dynamics we strive to bring to the set.  As well as  hearing our creations loud and full, on a sound system that supports our music. We perform all original music so it’s rewarding to connect with the audience in the live setting. It’s hard to choose any one show, but WMC ‘11 with DJ Hatcha and Juan Basshead at Vagabond (Miami) was a solid night. Ultra Music Festival ‘11, as well as opening for Big Gigantic and Afrobeta (Miami) were also great shows.


Could you briefly describe the music-making process? What are rehearsals like?

Sounduo is a 2-step process; we produce the tracks first, then transfer them to Ableton Live for a custom live performance setup. The performance is designed to allow us to change the structure of the song on the spot and allows us to improvise on the tracks, mashing up the sequences of the song and the custom glitch/dub effects rig. Controllers and live drums add the final element. Rehearsals are for the purpose of creating an overall arc to the set and the transitional elements, as we are both involved heavily in the production of the tracks therefore have good knowledge of the music going in.


What’s currently in the works? Do you have any upcoming shows or releases we should know about?

We will be hitting the road very soon.  Touching the major markets up and down the state of Florida.  We also have an exciting development around the time of New Years. We are also currently working on an EP, amd hope to release it by the end of the summer.  Search us on Facebook and ‘like’ us to keep up with tour dates, new releases, and news.


Any last words? How about a Florida Dubstep exclusive?

Here’s a quick preview of a song on the EP that’s coming out. The track is called ‘Imagination’.  Also be sure to check out our soundcloud page for the music we’ve released already. We’d like to thank everyone, as well as the Florida Dubstep Team who’s supported us so far! Thank you!

Sounduo Imagination – FloridaDubstep.com Exclusive 6/11 by floridadubstep


Sounduo Live


Sounduo on facebook
Sounduo on soundcloud




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