Inside Haunted Audio: An Interview With The Esteemed Future Bass Label

Attention dubstep lovers, if you’re unfamiliar with the elegantly deep and richly eclectic future bass music from Haunted Audio Recordings, here’s a chance to educate yourself. Recently we had a sit down with label owner Emily Lapham to talk about the music, the artists and what’s next after all the success and growing popularity of the label.


How did you get started in this music? What are the labels origins?

The name Haunted Audio harkens back to the the days when Florida veteran DJ Redcoat produced drum and bass tunes; from there it morphed into being a coalition of drum and bass and dubstep djs playing all over Florida.  Now Redcoat is behind the scenes helping to select and release music on the Haunted Audio label; as well as dj’ing regularly on his Ustream channel.


Describe the Haunted Audio music catalog and label philosophy.

Bass music with a focus on melody, tight percussion work and deep bass. We believe that deep bass and excellent production work can have the same impact as the more ‘in your face’ stylings of much of the current “noisy” music.


Tell us about some of the artists on the label.

Well, most importantly, each artist has their own distinct sound.

Belgian DJ and producer BunZer0 has a hugely successful radio show – “FOB show” Thursdays on (winning for Best Dubstep show in the dubstep forum awards).  In addition, his productions are winning major respect from fans.


Simon/Off is from Graz Austria, currently a hotbed of great soundsystems, music lovers and great music; and his productions have garnered support from Sonic Router and some of the bigger bass music bloggers.


Janner currently lives in Belgium – though he is actually English 😉 – and has a very interesting garage/dubstep style that fits nicely within a variety of genres. He’s been make music for over a decade, focusing mainly on drum and bass and breakbeats.


Florida’s very own Dubyah/Will Miles is an accomplished dnb producer.


Toronto native Ill-esha sings, djs, writes and produces music for film and commercial use too – a trule“renaissance” women. Check out her impressive youTube clips where she sings and djs at live shows.


Luthor, Actraiser, Rdubz, Graphics, all hail from various parts of  the UK ; and all have their distinctive styles of bass music. Luthor tends more towards the dubtech sound and many of his productions are very trance and techno-oriented. Actraiser has produced everything from downtempo (as Dr. Strafe) to progressive house to garage and his lush beats and melodies are amazing.     Graphics is very young – just out of high school – and his next-level, post dubstep falls in the same vein as Joy Orbison, Joe and Hessle. Rdubz tunes are full of melody and drama and as home on the dance floor as they might be in a movie soundtrack.


Iceland’s Hypno has gone on to release his sophisticated productions on labels such as Ramp and PTN.


The Subreachers – Tim and Matthias – are an up-and-coming Belgium duo producing together and separately; and they’ve had tunes on Hospitals’ New Blood series as well as working with London’s Antisocial crew and much much more.


Newest signing is Blind Prophet from NYC.


Then we’ve had remixes by HxdB (veteran Canadian producer who’s appeared on Mary Hobbs show, Electronic Explorations and more. A remix of Blind Prophet “Rotate” is being released later this summer by Policy, who’s an up-and-coming producer from NYC.


Veteran Belgian producer Saviour has remixed some of Janner’s tunes as well as working with closely with BunZer0 and the Stainage crew, and releasing his own heavy tunage.


What’s your favorite accomplishment and why?

Besides creating a little community of “Haunted Audio artists”, I’d say putting on the show here in Orlando with Mala has been my biggest accomplishment to date.


What’s in the works? What does the future hold for Haunted Audio Recordings?

We’d like to do releases on vinyl; and hopefully put on another big show. I would also love to own a soundsystem and do one-off guerilla-style parties with incomparable live sound. would like to thank Emily for her time and encourage the entire sunshine state massive to support and share this awesome, Florida-based, future bass record label.

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Additional Information:

Haunted Audio Recordings, LLC was formed in Spring 2009 to showcase the music we are passionate about.

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